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♥ Comment in with your characters's name, canon, and universe. Or, comment to others who have posted.
♥ Your characters are now in Equestria. They are also ponies, or creatures of Equestria at the very least.
♥ For those who desire to design themselves a pony for reference, here is a FiM Pony Creator to help out.
♥ The scenario can be anything you want, so long as it takes place in Equestria.
♥ These test threads can be used for application samples. Commentspam or prose is fine.
♥ Pinkie sure loves bouncing~
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Maybe this is all a bad trip? Except he hadn't been smoking anything when the universe went all topsy-turvy and anyway, he hadn't experienced anything quite this weird before while high, not even during the Summer of Love.

(Still. Possible acid flashback? He wasn't going to rule it out.)
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Bertie's used to waking up in odd places after a night on the town: lock-up, the floor at a chum's house, a back alley, and on one particularly memorable occasion, the fountain in Piccadilly Circus. The square of a brightly-colored country town certainly vies for one of the more peculiar localities. The fact that his first sight after the buildings is a frowning pony with red eyes and an almost human-esque style to its mane pushes it right over into Top 5 territory.

"I say!" he I-says. "Am I at Lord Bittlesham's stables?"
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Okay. Not only did that yellow pegasus-looking thing wearing a tie just talk to him, but it just talked to him with the most ridiculously posh British accent that Nemo Vantas had ever heard in his life.

"Man," he says, "I have no idea where we are."
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Bertie stares for a solid five seconds at the brown pony. Surely it couldn't have just talked. Ponies don't talk. Well, not outside of fairytale books for young girls, and then they're bright pink and given names like 'Buttercup' - the ponies, not the books.

As it would seem he's either mad, still drunk, or both, Bertie decides the prudent option might be to stand and leg it back to the flat before anyone takes note of the fact that he's developed an ear for the equine tongue.

"Right... well, I wouldn't expect a pony to be aware of much, old bean, so no harm there. I think I'd best be shoving off, though. Dogs to iron on the stove and all th-" He cuts off abruptly.

In moving to stand, Bertie has discovered he has more than the typically-allotted number of legs at his disposal. Said legs are also furry and yellow. "Good gracious!" he cries, rearing up... and then leaving the ground as his wings begin flapping. He stops and falls in a heap on the ground, flailing.

"What's going on? I'm a... what in Celestia's name am I? Celestia? Who's Celestia?"
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Nemo shrugs, as much as a pony can shrug which is actually quite a bit. "No idea. I just woke up like this. You too?"
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"I've never been a pony in my life," Bertie says, ears laying flat. He tries to rein in his utter confusion and suspend his disbelief enough not to have a complete breakdown in public. "I mean prior to this. Do you think we've gone mad? My Uncle Henry went mad, but-but he just kept rabbits under the bed. He didn't think he actually was a rabbit."
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wheee, fun with alt text

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"Probably not," Nemo says after considering this. "It's not that likely we'd both be convinced we're ponies. Napoleon, maybe, but ponies?" He shrugs. "Anyway I've got a cousin who thinks his kid is going to grow up to be the best little Nightmare Moon the world has ever known and no one's tried to haul him off to the funny farm, if that's what you're worried about."

He frowns. "Nightmare Moon? Man, that was not what I mean to say."
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"This is all getting a bit thick." Bertie manages to regain his feet - hooves? - only to start tapping them nervously. "Positively soupy! I might even go so far as to say chowdery.

"Oh! Maybe it's a dream. I can just pinch my..." He trails off as he looks down at his hooves. "Pinching might be a bit difficult. I don't suppose you could... well, slap me? Just to be sure."
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"Biting your flank might work better," Nemo points out. Then he squints. "Are those really a pair of spats you've got tattooed there? Man, since when do ponies have tattoos?"

He sighs and smacks the yellow pegasus across his snout, although not very hard.
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Additional head trauma after being dropped from a whirling tornado of light probably isn't what the doctor would call for. Bertie does appreciate the effort all the same as his vision goes cock-eyed for a moment. When he blinks back to focus, there is still a pony in front of him.

"Well. Not a dream- Did you say spats?" Bertie cranes his neck around to get a look at his hindquarters and winds up walking half way round in a circle. "I don't have any tattoos!" He looks back at the other pony, shuffling to the side to eye his rump. It only occurs to him then that they're both in a state dishabille. Or, well, near enough to it.

"Um... you've got some sort of symbol-y whatsit, too," he says before averting his eyes. "S-sorry, I'm being a bit rude. Gawking at you and I haven't even got your name. I'm Bertram Wooster. Bertie, if you'd like."
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"Really?" Nemo cranes his head to try and see what it is. "Oh huh, it's a peace sign. Groovy. I guess if I were gonna get a tattoo on my flank, that's a good as any." Exact same spot as Bertie's too. Weird.

He turns back to offer his hoof to shake. "Nemo Vantas."
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Bertie's a little confused how they're supposed to shake hooves, but was raised well enough not to refuse. It is... oddly like shaking someone's hand. His brow furrows as they let go. "Vantas, old boy, I don't suppose that felt like a proper grip to you? Not critiquing your form, of course, but we haven't got hands. Dashed odd, that."
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"We're ponies," Nemo points out. "We're not supposed to have hands. And you can call me Nemo, if that's your bag. Or Vantas. I'm cool either way."
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"Well, yes, I know. But, it felt like you were... oh, horsefeathers, it's not important." Bertie shakes his head. "And I suppose you'll be my first chum here, so a first name it is! Nemo." He tests the name out. "Are you from America, then, old thing? You've got one of their accents."
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"Born and raised in California," Nemo confirms, "but I've lived all over the states. Even went to Canada for a while to avoid the draft."
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The draft? He seems a little old to have been one of the Tommys helping in the Great War, but perhaps the Americans were the sort to go for wisdom over age. "Oh, really? I've never been to Canada. Did you toodle along to... erm... Niag'ra Falls? I've heard that's a jolly place for a photograph or two."
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Nemo wrinkles his snout. "I think I was there back in '81 or '82 or so."
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"Ah, fine years. Bit before my time, but... well, now hold on a moment." Bertie glances up toward the sky, map the picture of careful consideration. "What war was going on in 1882?"
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Nemo blinks. "What? No, I mean, I was at Niagra Falls in 1982. And the war--the Vietnam War--was a decade before that!"